For Rent Indoor Storage (Warehouse) And Outdoor Storage (Open Yard)

25 November 2022

Harga Jual

Rp. 50,000
Luas Tanah: 34,678 M2
Luas Bangunan: 2,898 M2
Lease out a warehousing location located on the side of the toll road from Cibitung to Jakarta.

This storage warehouse consists of indoor storage in the form of a sturdy building with floor pressure reaching above 10 tons. The indoor warehouse area is 2,898 m2 which can be separated into 6 small warehouses with an area of 483 m2.

While the outdoor/open yard warehouse with an area of 16,644 m2 and can be broken down into several small sizes depending on storage needs.

Access to the location can be through by 2 toll lanes, namely the Jakarta-Cibitung toll and the Cibitung-Cilincing toll.

Warehouse Rental Cost Rp 50,000.- /m2 per month and Open Yard Rp 25,000.-/m2 per month
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